“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”
Psalm 78:4
SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2017

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Lesson Audio

General Sessions

A Church for All Generations
Frank Kim

Family Worship Devotional
Darren Gauthier

Go and Make Disciples through All Generations
John Lusk

Youth & Family

Cradle to Campus: A Comprehensive Plan
Phil Arsenault, Chris Zillman

Youth Minister’s/Worker’s Walk with God
Brian Craig

Youth Minister’s/Worker’s Marriage
Kevin and Nadene Joachim

Striving to Raise Faithful Kids as Youth and Family Workers
Curt and Heidi Ammons

Strong Preaching/Curriculum
Eric Testa

Brain Development of an Adolescent
Dr. Ryan Erbe

Studying the Bible with Teenagers
Michael and Kristen Lamb

Healthy Principles of Youth & Family Ministry (Part 1A)
Phil Arsenault, Dave Pocta, Ross Lippencott, Stephen Little

Healthy Principles of Youth & Family Ministry (Part 1B)
Jeff Throne, Kevin Joachim, Will Garcia

Healthy Principles of Youth & Family Ministry (Part 2)
Audie Monday, Curt Ammons, Eric Testa

Kingdom Kids Leadership

Inspirational Children’s Ministry Leadership
Steve and Vicky Bergem

Finding Volunteers
Bob and Susan Wedin

Bringing Out the Best
Ruben and Barbara Marbury

Safety in Your Children’s Ministry
Bob and Susan Wedin

Policies and Procedures
Bob and Susan Wedin

Technology in the Children’s Ministry Classroom
Chase Mackintosh, Melissa Tulloch

Starting a Special Needs Ministry
Darryl and Tracey Howell, Greg and Kristi Bodzioch

Exceptional Families

United in Marriage
Mike and Mary Farrell, Dr. Jennifer Konzen

Perseverance Produces Character
Darren and Sharon Gauthier, Jake and Nancy Jensen

A Whole New Language: IEPs
Charles and Melissa Burch, Mary Ann Ceron

United as your Child’s Advocate: Avoiding the Landmines
Dan and Susan Stroebel

Parenting a Child with Special Needs (Part 1)
Darryl and Tracey Howell

Parenting a Child with Special Needs (Part 2)
Greg and Kristi Bodzioch

Parenting a Child with Autism
Vivian Hanes, John Hanes

Opening Doors for Your Child’s Future
Vivian Hanes, John Hanes, Susan Stroebel

A Sibling’s Perspective
Roger Lamb, Sarah Kurth

Adoptive Families

Are You On The Same Page?
Keith and Jayne West, Jake and Nancy Jensen

Answering the Hard Questions
Bruce and Jen Radl, Nadine Templer

Staying Connected To Your Child
Bruce and Jen Radl

Discipline is Different
Lee and Kathy Boger

Should We Adopt? Will I Love Them?
Lee and Kathy Boger

How Adoption Changed Me
Steve Bergem, Nadine Templer

Our Stories
Lianne Volkmar, Stephanie Volkmar, Phoebe Volkmar


Planting the Seed: The Power of Family Culture
Bill and Sally Hooper, Greg and Theresa Jackson, Mark Ottenweller

Building Character/Effective Discipline & Panel Discussion
Ben and Marie Arcellana, John and Carol Glinski, Dave and Angela Hooper

Storm Proof: Getting Ready for the Teenage Years & Panel Discussion
Audie and Bethany Monday

First Things First
Sam and Geri Laing

The Foundations of Closeness (Part 1)
Sam and Geri Laing

The Foundations of Closeness (Part 2)
Sam and Geri Laing

Raising Them to Let Go
Dave and Margie Mitchell

When Challenges Come
Greg and Theresa Jackson

Panel Discussion and Q&A
Brian and Dessa Craig, Larry and Mary Lou Craig, Dave and Margie Mitchell, Greg and Theresa Jackson, Barri Lusk

Finding Balance in Your Crazy Schedule
Charlie and Meekyoung Yi, Jack and Cathy Rosenquist

Knowing the Times: Parenting in Post-Modern Society
Douglas Jacoby

Single Parenting: You Are Not Alone
Mark and Lin Ottenweller

Media & Technology: The Christian Parent’s View
Hans and Ann Rasmussen

(NOT) According to Plan: When Children Struggle
Doug and Ann Deam, Dr. Tim and Jackie Sumerlin

Same-Sex Attraction: Balanced and Christ Centered Parenting
Greg and Ruthanne Tacher

The Next Chapter: Parenting Adult Children and Their Children
Al and Gloria Baird

A New Legacy: Breaking Generational Dysfunction
Frank and Erica Kim

Gifted Kids: In the World, But Not of the World
Glenn and Heather Geeting

Talking to Your Kids About Sex and Purity
Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen