“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”
Psalm 78:4
SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2017



Walter and Kim Evans

Walter and Kim Evans have served with the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ for over 20 years. They have planted churches in the mid-west and the United Kingdom. Walter was appointed to the Eldership in September of 2005. He is also an Evangelist leading the New Jersey Region of the GPCC, and works with the ICOC Eldership Service Committee. Kim serves as a Women’s Ministry Leader and oversees the Hope For Kids Camp. The Evans’, who have been married for 33 years, have three married children, Brandon, Bethany, and Maria as well as three grandchildren.

Sam and Geri Laing
Elder and Elder's Wife
South Florida Church of Christ

Sam and Geri Laing have worked in the ministry for over 40 years. They received their BA degrees from the University of Florida in 1971 and 1972, and Sam has done postgraduate work at Columbia Theological Seminary and at Duke University School of Divinity. Sam and Geri have co-authored five books on marriage and family: Raising Awesome Kids in Troubled Times, Friends and Lovers, The Essential Eight Characteristics of a Growing Marriage, The Essential Eight Characteristics of a Strong Family, and The Wonder Years (with their daughter Elizabeth Thompson). Sam has authored five other books: Be Still My Soul, The Guilty Soul’s Guide to Grace, Hot and Holy, Mighty Man of God, and the recently published book for men, Warrior. They have four married children and nine grandchildren. Sam currently serves as an Elder and Geri as a Women’s Ministry Leader in the Palm Beach Ministry of the South Florida Church of Christ.

Damon and Michelle Curtis
Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader
Greater Houston Church of Christ

Damon and Michelle Curtis serve as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader of the Southwest Region for the Greater Houston Church.

Damon graduated from LA Tech University with a BA in Sociology in 1996 and was baptized in 1998. Michelle earned a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Texas Christian University in 1999 and was baptized into Christ in 1995.

They both entered the full time ministry in 1999 and have since lead ministries in Dallas, New Jersey, New York and now back in Houston. The Curtis’s have a passion for building strong marriages, strong families, strong men and women of God – encouraging each and every disciple to go in the strength that they have!

Sixteen years married, the Curtises have been blessed with two lovely daughters – Ava – 12 and Claire – 8. As a family, they enjoy travel, hospitality and teaching God’s Word to All!

Mark and Cindy Wilkinson
Children's Ministry Directors
Lubbock, Texas

Mark and Cindy Wilkinson have served as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leaders in San Antonio & Dallas, Texas and San Diego, California. Mark is a professor at Lubbock Christian University and Cindy is a Realtor. They met at Lubbock Christian University, where Mark got his Masters in Nursing. Later he finished his masters in Bible from Sunset International Bible Institute. Mark and Cindy have been married for 39 years and have three adult children and six grandchildren. Their passion for the children has lead them to start, strengthen and lead many children’s ministry’s and vacation bible schools. They currently direct the Children’s Ministry in Lubbock, Texas and lead a Vacation Bible School in La Mission, Mexico.

Steve and Vicky Bergem
Children's Ministry Directors
San Diego Church of Christ

Steve and Vicky Bergem were married in 2003, and have two wonderful young children, Tabitha and Tobias. Steve was converted 21 years ago in the campus ministry in San Diego and Vicky 22 years ago in Westchester New York as a single. Steve and Vicky both serve the San Diego Church as Children’s Ministry directors. In addition, Steve works as a Human Resource Manager at University of California San Diego and Vicky works for Disciples Today as Editor of the Kingdom Kids Page and together they are board members and organizers for Disciples Today Kingdom Kids Conferences, which includes Children’s Ministry Leadership, Special Needs and Adoption Tracks.

Guy and Cathy Hammond
Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader/Founders of Strength in Weakness Ministries
Strength in Weakness Ministries

Guy Hammond is an Evangelist; he is also same-sex attracted. Before becoming a Christian, Guy lived the life of a homosexual for 12 years. He has now been a faithful disciple for 3 decades and he and Cathy have been married for 26 years and have four children. The Hammonds have taught over 60,000 people in churches, faith based groups and universities around the world through their Strength in Weakness Ministry, (www.strengthinweakness.org) educating Christians on how they can successfully share the gospel with their gay friends and neighbors and offering support to disciples who live with unwanted, same-sex attractions.

Larry and Marylou Craig
Elder and Elder's Wife
New York Church of Christ

Larry and Mary Lou met in college and have been married forty-seven years. They both planned on being teachers, but after college and a stint in the Army, Larry entered the ministry in 1974. They have lived and served churches in Florida, Colorado, California, South Carolina, Texas, and New York/New Jersey.  

Larry is one of the elders of the New York City Church, and he and Mary Lou currently live in New Jersey and lead the New Jersey Region.  They are very involved in the Youth and Family ministry.

Three grown children have given them nine grandchildren, the oldest age 17 and the youngest age 5.  Their son Brian is an evangelist and worship leader for the Los Angeles church and has written many songs for our fellowship. His oldest son has become a Christian.  Daughter Angie and her family live on Long Island, NY, and the other daughter Holly and her family also live in New Jersey.  They consider their family to be one of their greatest blessings!

They also enjoy reading, movies, walking in nature, garage sales, and, most of all, helping people!

Al and Gloria Baird
Elder and Elder's Wife
Phoenix Church of Christ

Al & Gloria were both born in Texas. They met, fell in love and married while still in college. After Al finished his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas, they moved to Boston for his first job and to be a part of a mainline Church of Christ church planting.

After 15 years in physics research, they decided that Al would give up his physics career and both of them would go into the fulltime ministry as a part of the dynamic Boston church. They not only helped to shepherd and lead the Boston church, but served as leaders for the Middle East and for Media/Law. After 25 years in Boston, they moved to LA in 1992, where Al served as both elder and evangelist, and Gloria as a women’s ministry leader.

God has blessed them with more than 55 years of a great marriage and three wonderful daughters, who are all disciples, three best-friend son-in-laws – who lead their families in a powerful, godly way – and nine grandchildren (seven girls and–finally!– two boys). Five of their grandchildren are now disciples.

Gloria has authored a book called God’s Pitcher and Other Spiritual Thoughts and co-written one entitled Love Your Husband.

Now, with Al and Gloria in their 70s, they are experiencing an exciting chapter in their lives. After 22 years in Los Angeles, they moved to Phoenix to be with one of their daughters, Keri, and her family, as well as to work with the Phoenix church. They are also helping churches outside of the United States to start shepherding programs and raise up elders and elders’ wives, as well as continuing to work with churches in the Middle East.

Phil and Kris Arsenault
Youth and Family Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader
Boston International Church of Christ

Frank and Erica Kim
Elder and Elder's Wife
Denver Church of Christ

Frank and his wife, Erica, have been married for 32 years. They are the proud parents of three amazing daughters, two wonderful sons (in-law), and two of the cutest grandchildren this world has ever seen. Frank became a Christian while a student at Harvard. He served as a full-time minister and missionary in Europe, the US, and Asia. As a former director and chairman of HOPE worldwide, he has extensive experience in serving the poor throughout Southeast Asia. Currently, Frank is a non-full time elder in the Denver church while he stays busy at his day job as the CEO of Pactimo, a global cycling apparel company.